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Salama da sugo

Salama da sugo experience

Price Starting from 65.00€


What an ancient story! Yes, because salama da sugo was born many years ago thanks to an old recipe. You will hear about the story and its characteristics thanks to an interesting tour. You will enter in the church where the recipe was left from ages! You will find out secrets and the main ingredients of this legendary product! Have fun!

Price per person € 20,00


And now a very interesting and new experience! A butcher will show you the different phases of the  production. You will then let you know the secrets but Above all, You'll have the possibility to make one with your hands and and for one day you'll turn into a Ferrarese butcher.  At the end of the day bring your own salama at home with you!

Price per person € 20,00


For an absolute perfect conclusion you can enjoy and live a wonderful and sensational experience. You could taste a unique selection of salame da sugo. It is usually cooked and served with smashed potato. The result will be an incredibile contrasting product tasting!

Price per person € 25,00

Salama da sugo, is a round, big, savory, salami usually cooked for 2 hours and it is produced only in Ferrara, absolutely PGI, it  has a long and curious history. You will live a whole experience to discover this succulent product with a magic heart: starting from its ancient history, passing through its preparation and finishing with a tasting experience!

- Hanging your trasure
- Meat in a bag
- Potatoes and salama
Price per person € 65,00

The experience can be booked every day, with 2 days in advance

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