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L'arte per l'arte

Painting the affections

Sacred art in Ferrara from the 16th to 18th centuries
Ferrara, Castello Estense
26 January – 26 December 2019

L'arte per l'arte returns to the Este Castle in Ferrara. Following an exhibition of works from the Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, now is the turn of the paintings owned by ASP, Azienda Servizi alla Persona di Ferrara that have been for long time deposited at Musei di Arte Antica since the 1970s.

The exhibition presents a less known artistic heritage that is of great historical significate and a journey through time from the sunset of Este dynasty up the Enlightenment. From Mannerism, Naturalism, and the Baroque, this itinerary includes fascinating and unexpected painters, among whom Scarsellino and Carlo Bononi stand out for their quality and originality. But why Painting the Affections? To evoke the emotional and familiar language that develops after the Council of Trent when art required to act as a meditor between the faithful and religion, between the visible and the invisible, through naturalistic forms that art familiar and act on the emotions. At the same time, the title recalls the humanitarian vocation that is behind the institutions from where the canvases came, the institutions created to help those in need, whether orphans, the destitute, or women in trouble.

For further informations: Castello Estense

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