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The Cavallini Sgarbi Collection

From Niccolò dell'Arca to Gaetano Previati. Treasures of art for Ferrara

from 03/02/2018 to 20/09/2018


The exhibition inside Estense Castle is dedicated to the Cavallini Sgarbi Collection, 130 works of art with paintings and sculptures, from the beginning of the XV Century to the XX Century, which have been collected by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi and his family, and come from the Cavallini Sgarbi Foundation. Elisabetta Sgarbi, on behalf of her Foundation, wanted this exhibition to tell the story of a great cultural activity and of a very passionate family of art collectors in Ferrara.

The collection starts with a masterpiece by Niccolò dell’Arca, the terra cotta San Domenico (1474) from the Church of San Domenico in Bologna. Later on, Vittorio Sgarbi found out another work of art by dell’Arca, the Eagle from the church of san Giovanni in Monte (around 1478). In his seek for art treasures, Sgarbi collected sculptures by Matteo Civitali and Agostino de Fundulis, and an extraordinary collection of paintings by artists from Ferrara: Antonio Cicognara, Giovanni Battista Benvenuti also known as the Ortolano, Nicolò Pisano, Benvenuto Tisi also known as Garofalo –rare authors as Liberale da Verona, Jacopo da Valenza, Antonio da Crevalcore, Giovanni Agostino da Lodi, Nicola Filotesio known as Cola dell’Amatrice, Johannes Hispanus, Bernardino da Tossignano, Francesco Zaganelli, Bartolomeo di David, Lambert Sustris.
The focus on the “scuola ferrarese”continues with paintings by Sebastiano Filippi, also known as Bastianino, Gaspare Venturini, Ippolito Scarsella, also known as Scarsellino, Camillo Ricci, Giuseppe Caletti and Carlo Bononi. Masterpieces such as the Cleopatra by Artemisia Gentileschi, Maddalena with angels by Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli also known as Morazzone, San Girolamo by Jusepe Riberai and many more, can be seen.

More paintings and sculptures can be admired: Lorenzo Lotto, Francesco Hayez, Bartolomeo Passerotti, Nicolas Régnier, Philippe de Champaigne, Giovan Battista Gaulli known as Baciccio, Enrico Merengo, Ferdinand Voet, Giovanni Antonio Cybei, Pietro Labruzzi, Lorenzo Bartolini, Raimondo Trentanove and Vincenzo Vela.
Many works of art come from the Venetian School (Marcantonio Bassetti, Pietro Damini, Pietro Vecchia, Johann Carl Loth, Giovanni Antonio Fumiani), Emilia-Romagna School (Simone Cantarini, Matteo Loves, Marcantonio Franceschini, Ignaz Stern known as Ignazio Stella), and the “Lombarda” school (Paolo Pagani, Agostino Santagostino), from the Roman School (Giuseppe Cesari known as the Cavalier d’Arpino, Angelo Caroselli, Pseudo Caroselli, Giusto Fiammingo, Antonio Cavallucci), and the Tuscan School (Giacinto Gimignani, Livio Mehus, Alessandro Rosi, Pietro Paolini, Giovanni Domenico Lombardi).
More sculptures by Giuseppe Mazza, Cesare Tiazzi, Petronio Tadolini and Giovanni Putti can be seen.

Ferrara and its artists will be in the spot light of the XIX and XX Centuries: Gaetano Previati, Giovanni Boldini, Filippo de Pisis, Giuseppe Mentessi, Adolfo Magrini, Giovanni Battista Crema, Ugo Martelli, Augusto Tagliaferri, Carlo Parmeggiani, Arrigo Minerbi, Ulderico Fabbri, as a hommage to the city and its art treasures.

The catalogue of the exhibition is published by La nave di Teseo editore.

La Collezione Cavallini Sgarbi. Da Niccolò dell’Arca a Gaetano Previati. Tesori d’arte per Ferrara is a exhibition organized by the Elisabetta Sgarbi Foundation, in collaboration with the Cavallini Sgarbi Foundation, the Comune di Ferrara, and under the patronage of the Department of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism of the Emilia-Romagna Region.
Reservations: tel. 0532 244949; diamanti@comune.fe.it

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