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Narrate the Ferrara Certosa

Guided tours of the Monumental Certosa of Ferrara and San Cristoforo Church with a tourist guide enabled in collaboration with Itinerando and NaturalmenteArte. The tours during 90 minutes, meeting point 15 minutes before departure at the entrance of San Cristoforo alla Certosa Church (CLICK HERE&...

The Castle of Toys

From 6 to 8 December 2019 The Estense Castle is transformed into a fairy tale tour, including games, animations, workshops and the enchantment of Christmas. A castle of toys, dreams and magic in which to immerse yourself with the children. This is t the majestic Castello Estense, symbol and hi...

Christmas time in Ferrara

An extraordinary show of lights decorate the Renaissance palaces of the historic center of Ferrara, UNESCO World Heritage Site. On christmas the atmosphere warms up, waiting for the most important holiday of the year. From 16 November 2018 to January 6, 2019, a rich program of events, animat...

Giuseppe De Nittis

De Nittis, like Boldini, was a prominent figure on the late-nineteenth-century Parisian scene throughout his career, first as avant-garde exponent of the realist school in southern Italy, and later as a full-fledged part of the Parisian innovators with whom he shared interests in photography and Jap...

The Ballet in Ferrara

Three are the ballet events at the Teatro Nuovo in Ferrara:   Swan Lake - 12nd of November 2019 at 9.00PM Corps de ballet - The Moscow Ballet "La Classique" One of the immortal masterpieces of the ballet history of the XIX century by Marius Petipa. The Swan Lake tells a...

L'arte per l'arte

Sacred art in Ferrara from the 16th to 18th centuries Ferrara, Castello Estense 26 January – 26 December 2019 L'arte per l'arte returns to the Este Castle in Ferrara. Following an exhibition of works from the Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, now is the turn of the pain...

New Year's Eve in Comacchio

31 Dicember 2019 From the city of water to city of fire with the fireworks at the Trepponti! In the beautiful city of Comacchio from 18.00 street music in the streets and bridges of the city with the opening of music aperitif in Antica Pescheria. Dinners in the beautiful Bellini Palace...

New Year's Eve in Ferrara

Also this year at midnight, the city of Ferrara celebrates the end of the year with its universally known symbol of the "Fireworks of the Estense Castle". The show is a true union of art of firework and music. Waiting for midnight there will be so many entertainments in Ferrara, st...

Guercino in Cento

9 November 2019 - 15 February 2020 Cento, Pinacoteca San Lorenzo e Rocca Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino, was born in Cento, near Bologna, in 1591 and died in Bologna in 1666. He was a major exponent of Baroque painting in Europe. To understand his unmistakeable and intense art, w...

Ballooning in Ferrara

Flying in a balloon is one of the most amazing adventures you may experience. From the sky there is a unique point of view to discover and enjoy the city of Ferrara, with its streets, wonderful buildings and hidden gardens. A wonderful experience you can enjoy all the year round thanks to planned...

Ferrara and the art techniques

The project “Ferrara and the technique arts” would enrich the tourist and cultural offer of Ferrara city opening to tourists and its own citizens some creative spaces where they may approach basic art techniques and exchange their experiences. The activities are made both for adults a...

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