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Dove mangiare

Birreria Giori

Piazza Savanarola, 1 – 44121 Ferrara
0532 209341

Keeping the peculiarity that has always characterized her in the years: sandwiches and beer.
All generations of Ferrara and tourists have alternated over the years to enjoy sandwiches under the shadow of the estense castle.
We still allow the same opportunity to enjoy a moment, whether it is a lunch break, a trip or a stopover sitting in a large and beautiful expanse in the shade of the summer castle and under the warm rays of sunshine in spring and autumn.
Over time our policy has always been to serve the products of excellence, to do this we employ local artisans and the best at national level.

Locanda & Cucina Il Fagiano

Via Comunale 89/91 – Settepolesini di Bondeno (Ferrara)
Locanda: 348 4975755
Ristorante: 0532 886520

The atmosphere you breathe is the simple home; Three large and elegant rooms to enjoy a cuisine that can be valued with creativity and respecting the tastes of tradition.

Prestigious and rich wine cellar with carefully selected wines.
Our vineyard, experimentally produced in 2009, gave its first fruits to be enjoyed in a precious "Zarda" brandy, obtained from the distillation of our best Cabernet Sauvignon mussels and in the red wine "Zarda" which with its Intense red color, fruity with typical notes, soft flavor with varietal aftertaste, harmonious and pleasant impact, expresses the character of our territory.

WEDDINGS: The private lounge overlooking the terrace is ideal for intimate and collected wedding receptions without exceeding the costs but with originality, taste and care of the details.

THE TERRACE: overlooking the Ferrara countryside and ideal for romantic candlelight dinners and for wedding or work receptions, to turn the buffet into the happy hour style.

Osteria della Campana

Via Borgo dei Leoni, 26 44121 - Ferrara
0532 241256

The restaurant is located just a stone's throw from the Estense Castle, inside a building in Via Borgo dei Leoni. It is accessed through a courtyard that in summer becomes a flowered dehors where you can have lunch and dine. You will be greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere and you can taste the dishes of traditional Ferrara cuisine accompanied by a good wine glass.

Ristorante 381 Storie da Gustare

Piazzetta A. Corelli, 24 angolo via Gioco del Pallone - Ferrara
+39 320.2512214
+39 0532.1866272

The 381 Stories to Enjoy Restaurant is a friendly place where people's history leaves an indelible trace. At the 381 restaurant you can enjoy the food of our tradition and other cultures for lunch and dinner. Managed by the cooperative company The Sprout of Ferrara, home of workplaces for the employment of disadvantaged people.

Ristorante Ca d'Frara

Via del Gambero, 4 – 44121 Ferrara
0532 205057

All the flavors of tradition in the center of Ferrara

In the heart of the historic center, the "Ristorante Cà d'Frara" (from the local dialect: Casa di Ferrara) is without doubt the ideal destination for those who wish to eat at the ferrarese in a cozy and relaxing environment. We have a room for ceremonies, corporate dinners and all occasions with custom menus depending on the occasion. The most authentic specialties, those that time does not change, passion and dedication to this craft, are the basis of our catering concept.

Fresh rolling pasta, grilled meat, boiled and famous Pinzin are considered true and unique delicacies. We also offer a seasonal creative cuisine based on fish, mushrooms and truffles.

Elia and Barbara are waiting for you.

Ristorante Orsatti 1860

Via Aldighieri, 3 Ferrara
0532 202693

"Orsatti 1860"
The restaurant satisfies gourmets in the pursuit of traditional gastronomy but do not disdain taste innovations.
The last highlight of the historic group of Ferrara Orsatti, is directed by Stefano Benetti and Alex Trombini, two professionals of food and wine, who have entrusted the international experience of chef Antonio Stabellini. Among the dishes that make up some novelties in the menu you can find cognac flamboyant shrimp, fish crudity, fried paranza and cut with mustard and honey.

The restaurant consists of three rooms that can accommodate up to 200 people and the meeting room. "Orsatti 1860" is obviously open to graduation parties and social dinners and wants to become a well-established dining venue just a short walk from the historic center.

Ristorante Pizzeria Barbabl├╣

Via Lungomare Italia, 48 - 44022 Lido delle Nazioni (FE)
0533 379016
333 4551334

The Barbablu 'is a spacious, bright and welcoming place directly on the sea that offers fish and meat dishes, and also our great pizza, all accompanied by high quality wines.

The amplitude and location of the venue is perfect to celebrate birthdays, graduations, celibacy and nightclubs, halloween parties and ceremonies.

The staff at Pizzeria Barbablu 'Restaurant is always friendly and helpful, ensuring fast and efficient services for your cheerful evenings.

Scaccianuvole pizzeria ristoreria

Via Cassoli, 49 44121 - Ferrara
0532 886519

A place to eat, where to find good food and good company and where to forget for a bit the daily afflictions.
Gourmet cuisine with seasonal menus ranging from traditional dishes to slightly different dishes with particular attention to vegan food, wide selection of sweets (all of their own produce) and pizzas cooked in the wood-burning oven with slow rising dough to improve their Digestibility.
Familiar atmosphere to eat well while feeling at home.

Trattoria da Noemi

Via Ragno 31, 44100 Ferrara
0532 769070

Located in the historic center of Ferrara in a beautiful building dating back to 1400, in the familiar and welcoming atmosphere that distinguished it, "Trattoria da Noemi" offers typical Ferrara dishes using the products of the territory.

The owner Maria Cristina personally prepares the freshly made pasta made by hand and pulled to the rolling shovel, the fillings and sweets typical of the Ferrarese kitchen, treating all the stages of preparation in the smallest details and making them daily to guarantee quality and freshness.

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